What is the Suzuki method? I could take days talking about Suzuki but here are some main points.

Dr. Suzuki studied the way children learn to speak their native tongue and applied it to music. His ideas include parent responsibility, loving encouragement, and constant repetition.

Parents are involved (especially if the student is very young) by attending lessons with their child and helping them practice at home.

Listening to music is very important. Just like children listen to words and begin to speak they will listen to the Suzuki songs and are able to recognize them.

Repetition is very important. Students do not learn a piece of music and then discard it. They add it to their vocabulary (repertoire) and gradually use it in new and sophisticated ways.

Encouragement is essential. Every effort on their instrument is met with praise and constructive criticism. Every student learns at their own rate building on small steps so that each one can be mastered. Students are encouraged to support each other’s efforts which creates an attitude of generosity and teamwork.

Learning With Other Children is a huge help! Students will attend their private weekly lesson and participate in a weekly group class with all other Suzuki students. They will learn from watching each other and will motivate each other.

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