Students enroll for a 12 weeks lesson term during the Fall school semester,  14 weeks lesson term during the Spring school semester and 8 weeks during the summer. Lessons may be paid in full or divided into 2, 3, or 4 payments. The non-refundable Registration fee is due at registration. You must make a payment when you turn in your registration form to be a registered student. Teachers are contracted for an entire semester and must be paid regardless of the discontinuation of lessons mid-semester for any reason. A meeting with the Director is required for any student and/or responsible party whose lessons have discontinued for any reason. All Registration Forms require a Signature of Consent informing responsible parties of their obligation to pay for all lessons/classes selected on the form. A $10 late fee will be charged to any accounts delinquent 30 days, and lessons will be discontinued until the payments are current.


We have been and will remain in close communication with several medical professionals in our Academie community to direct our tiered re-opening, and we will closely monitor the changing situation. We are lucky that Bell County has avoided becoming a hot spot for the virus, thanks to the efforts of our amazing citizens. The following protocols and procedures are in line with the Texas Governor’s guidelines for summer children offerings.

Our first priority is always the safety of our students, teachers, and their families. Strict disinfecting protocols will be observed daily, the family room and playground will be closed with all communal toys and books put away. Students will be allowed to bring their own water but not use the water fountain. The communal bathrooms will be temporarily closed.  The two single unit restrooms off the Family Room will remain open. They will be disinfected each evening.  We have offered our teachers the option of beginning to resume in-person lessons or continue with Zoom lessons, and we will respect their decisions. To continue honoring social distancing guidelines, we will begin to re-open in stages the first part of June, beginning with private string lessons. This is the medium in which we feel we can best maintain a safe distance. Other lessons will follow at a time our teachers and medical professionals deem acceptable. On-campus lessons will only be offered from noon-7 pm to accommodate our summer camps, which have also had to be modified.

Whether or not you choose to resume these face-to-face lessons (if your teacher is offering that option) is completely up to you. Should you choose to resume in-person lessons, there will be a few non-negotiable processes which are outlined below:

  • Anyone entering the building will have their temperature checked via no-contact thermometer and answer a few basic health questions, and be given hand sanitizer
  • Everyone over the age of 3 must wear a mask which covers their nose and mouth
  • If you feel sick in ANY way (cough, nausea, allergies, etc.) we kindly ask you to return home and we will reschedule your lesson

If you choose not to comply with any of these processes, we support your choice; however, we will ask that you continue Zoom (virtual) lessons until you are comfortable observing our safety measures. If your teacher has chosen to resume lessons on campus and you are not comfortable with this option, they will be happy to sign you up for Zoom lessons!

Please keep in mind, if you sign up for summer lessons, you are committing to in-person or Zoom lessons depending on our community health situation. If you sign up for in-person lessons and something changes and we are required to adhere to stricter social distancing practices, your lessons will be finished through Zoom.

Academie has hired additional cleaning personnel to disinfect the building each evening after use. Private instructors will be provided disinfecting tools to clean pianos and stands between each student.  Teaching schedules will be structured with a 10 minute interval between each lesson to accommodate disinfecting.  Everyone in the building will be required to wear masks at this point.


Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately for a school environment. All Academie Musique are to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times. Any inappropriate treatment should be reported to the Executive Director immediately.  Horseplay, roughhousing, and other physical acts that may endanger others or cause accidents and disruptions are prohibited. Rude, offensive, or outrageous behavior and language will not be tolerated by anyone. Parents and students must report any observed misuse of equipment, inappropriate behavior, or other offenses to the Director.  Families are encouraged to wait in the family room or outside if weather permits for students in lessons. Please be courteous to the teachers  that are using practice rooms.


Regular and consistent practice times spread throughout the week are essential in making successful progress and advancement toward individual musical goals. Parents can help students establish good practice habits by scheduling practice into a daily or weekly routine. In general, beginners should practice 10 – 20 minutes daily; intermediate students 20 – 40 minutes daily, and advanced students 40 minutes or more daily. It is most helpful to be sure and schedule a practice session within a 24-hour period after the lesson or rehearsal so the information is fresh and more easily remembered.


For the safety of the students and the integrity of the Academie, we require students 12 years old and under to be escorted by a parent or guardian into the building for their lesson or class and picked up inside the building at the conclusion of their lesson/class by a parent or guardian. Students under age 12 MAY NOT be left unattended.


Rooms are scheduled at the beginning of each semester. It is typical for teachers to teach in multiple rooms throughout the day depending on the needs for the size and instrumentation of the ensembles or lessons taught. However, room schedules for the students should remain consistent throughout the semester. Parents/students should wait for the teacher outside their scheduled room. If the teacher is more than 5 minutes late, call or text the teacher. If there is no response and the teacher is more than 10 minutes late, please come to the Academie Musique office and inform the secretary or Director.


Students who must cancel a lesson for any reason are asked to notify the teacher by phone, email, or text at least 24 hours prior to the missed lesson.
Makeup lessons for an excused absence will be scheduled only when the private teacher has been notified directly the preceding evening by 9 p.m. via phone or email except in cases of illness. An excused absence includes a school function that is not optional, a death in the family, or illness. A maximum of two lessons may be rescheduled a semester. Any exceptions require the approval of the director. A student who is 15 minutes late is considered a “no show.” Please ask the private teacher for their preferred contact information.

Private teachers are responsible for making up all lessons canceled or missed by the teacher.

Tuition Fees

The summer semester registration fee covers our administrative salaries, insurance, and overhead.  This fee is nonrefundable.  It is included in the costs outlined below

Voice, piano, Suzuki Strings, guitar, brass, woodwinds, non-suzuki:

  • 4 – 30 minute lessons =  $140
  • 4 – 45 minute lessons =  $190
  • 4  – 60 minute lessons = $230
  • 6 – 30 minute lessons = $190
  • 6 – 45 minute lessons = $255
  • 6 – 60 minute lessons = $320
  • 8 – 30 minute lessons = $230
  • 8 – 45 minute lessons = $320
  • 8 – 60 minute lessons = $405

Student Teachers:

  • 4 – 30 minute lessons =  $105
  • 4 – 45 minute lessons =  $130
  • 4  – 60 minute lessons = $150
  • 6 – 30 minute lessons = $130
  • 6 – 45 minute lessons = $165
  • 6 – 60 minute lessons = $200
  • 8 – 30 minute lessons = $150
  • 8 – 45 minute lessons = $200
  • 8 – 60 minute lessons = $250