July 8-13, 2024

Finding Nemo, Kids (ages 8-12)

Directors: Shelley Dennis, Callie Dennis and Melissa Lohr

Cost: $250 by June 24, $275 after June 24 (price includes registration fee)

Rehearsals: July 8-11, 8:30am-3:30pm and July 12, 8:30am-2pm, Performances: July 13, 2pm and 7pm

Rehearsals and performances beginning July 8 will take place at Temple College. Students may be asked to attend pre-rehearsals the week prior to the workshop. These rehearsals will be held at Academie Musique


Cade Baker-Bloat

Olive Brock-Goldfish

Ruby Christian-Sheldon’s parent

Kirby Cochran-Small fish/Tuna fish

Eli Coley-Marlin

Jessie Coley-Jacques

Kyndal Coley-Tiller

EmmaLee Dickinson-Jellyfish/Catfish

Arie Donovan-Tad

Emma Edwards-Goldfish

Oliver Elliott-Sheldon

Greyson Foegelle-Professor Ray

Cameron Girard-Jellyfish/Tuna fish

Emma Glasper-Seagull

Gracyn Glasper-Deb

Lilly Idoux-Breeze

Claire Johnston-Catfish

Londyn Keeton-Catfish

Elena Lohse-Sprit

Karsyn Lovett-Young Sea Turtle 1 (Goldfish)

Kalaya Manogin-Seahorse 2 (Tuna fish)

Isaiah Martinez-Crush

Claire McKissick-Squirt

Josiah McKissick-Tad’s parent

Emma Morgan-Pearl’s parent

Luke Nelson-Lionfish

Scarlett Nelson-Seagull

Liam Novak-Nigel

Gray Picarazzi-Lionfish

Rhett Picarazzi-Gill

Avni Prakash-Gurgle

Merit Robinson-Jib

Kayeleigh Sanderford-Young Sea Turtle 2 (Tuna fish)

Wyatt Sanderford-Fish 1 (Lionfish)

Levi Santana-Kai

Emery Shaft-Jellyfish/Catfish

Charley Smart-Goldfish

Maddie Smart-Seagull

Riley Smart-Seahorse 1 (Goldfish)

Avery Smith-Nemo

Adalynn Stephan-Lionfish

Chloe Stern-Bruce

Gwen Taylor-Dory

Nala Teal-Chum

Hattie Thielepape-Jellyfish/Catfish

Kaiyah Uyechi-Pearl

Ella Wardell-Anchor

Mia Welcelean-Bubbles

AB White-Peach

Allie White-Lionfish

The Workshop is full. Please contact us at musicals@amcentex.org if you would like to be put on a waiting list.