Name:  Melissa Lohr                                                                                       Position: Piano Teacher

Education: B.A. in Sociology (2017) & M.S.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction (2018), both from Baylor University.

How long have you been in Temple/Belton?  Where did you live before Temple/Belton? I grew up in Belton and made the short move to Waco when I was 18 and starting Baylor University. I loved Waco so much I never left! However, my family is still in Belton, so I visit very frequently!

Musical experience: I began my musical journey on the violin at just three years old. Not long after I picked up the piano and started on the viola. In high school I began taking voice lessons with Mrs. Dennis. I began teaching beginner theatre and piano when I was in college and just never stopped! Music has always been a significant part of my life, and I am so grateful for my experiential education as both a performer and teacher.

Hobbies/Interests: My husband and I are very big into tabletop gaming! Any board or card game, any time – I’d love to play! Outside of gaming I love anything with an interesting story! Audible has been my closet friend in these drives back and forth between Temple/Belton and Waco.

Projects you work on outside of the Academie: I am the worship leader alongside music director David Perez-Guerra at First Christian Church in Temple. The rest of my time is spent in rehearsals at Waco Civic Theatre! My day job at the Waco Civic Theatre is the administrator and box office manager. Outside of that role I teach youth theatre classes on Saturday mornings, hold a youth theatre group on Monday afternoons, and either stage manage or vocal direct both youth and mainstage shows!

Family life: I am lucky enough to be married to Riley Lohr, the kindest and most supportive man in the world, who also happens to be my very best friend. We met while at Baylor and were so grateful to the university that brought us together that had a Bay-Lohr themed wedding! We live here in Waco with three dogs and could not be happier with our little family.

Pets names: Lady (a Pomeranian), April (a maltase-poodle), and Chip (a teacup-poodle)

Favorite food: My love for Taco Bell is unmatched. It’s the ultimate comfort food! I even took a few senior pictures at Taco Bell when I graduated from Baylor with my undergraduate degree!

Favorite color: Purple!