Lelia Haines                                                                                               Position: violin/piano teacher

How long have you been in Temple/Belton?  Where did you live before Temple/Belton?

2 months. I moved from Lake Jackson Tx

Musical experience: I’ve had collegiate level violin, piano, and symphony courses at Texas State. I’ve also studied musical theory extensively.

I’ve been playing violin since I was 3 and piano since I was 10. I’ve enjoyed playing in various symphonies, auditioning for state and region competitions, and most recently teaching! I’ve gotten to teach for 4 years now, and have learned so much!

Hobbies/Interests: I play video games, hike, and enjoy sewing in my free time

Family life: My fiancé and I are enjoying our new area and excited to get married in November. My parents live back in Lake Jackson. My sister, a violist, lives in northern California. My brother, a cellist, lives in Alaska.

Pets names: Piper (husky) and Puddlewump (cat)

Favorite quote: “You can sure try”

Favorite musical work:  Dvorak New World Symphony

Pet peeves:  not using manners (please/thank you)

Favorite food:  enchiladas                                                                             Favorite color: green

Favorite story from your musical experience:

The power went out during a big storm while the Texas State symphony was rehearsing. We made it 2 lines in the pitch dark  before hitting a tempo change and falling apart. It was awesome to see how together our group was, and how well we all knew the music.

Funny or strange personal story or experience:

My fiancé and I were hiking during alligator breeding season down on the coast. We accidentally scared a baby alligator we couldn’t see, and got chased by the mom. We ran all the way back to the car and locked it. The mom was at least 7 feet long!