Name: Carlos Martinez Jr.                                       Position: Private Cello Instructor

Education: Bachelors in Music Performance from Stephen F Austin State University and Masters in Music Performance from West Chester University

How long have you been in Temple/Belton?  Where did you live before Temple/Belton? I have been in Temple/Belton for 3 weeks now, and before this I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Musical experience:

Has played the cello for 18 years, participated in multiple festivals around the world including multiple states in the U.S, Brazil, China, Puerto Rico, and more. Has performed solo in Brazil, China, and Mexico. Performed with multiple orchestras in the state of Pennsylvania. 11 Years of private instruction with an age range of 10 to 68. 

Any awards you have received: Multiple Music Scholarships in Undergrad at Stephen F. Austin, and a full scholarship to West Chester University with an assistantship.

Hobbies/Interests: I love cooking

Projects you work on outside of the Academie: Becoming a symphony musician by taking auditions wherever I can, and starting a concert series focused on Latin composers.

Favorite quote: “So shines a good deed in a weary world”

Favorite musical work: Mozart Requiem

Favorite food: Ramen                  Favorite color: Purple

Favorite story from your musical experience: I have absolutely loved every musical experience I have had, but one of the most memorable ones was when I went to Puerto Rico to perform. This was my very first time in Puerto Rico, but I had family living there so not only did I get to perform for the conservatory in Puerto Rico, but also for my family that I have never met until that trip.