Academie Musique and Temple Civic Theatre are collaborating to offer a musical theatre workshop for students with disabilities.

Date – July 6-9, noon-4pm, July 10, noon-4pm, 6-8pm, July 11 performances

Music Man, Jr.

Cost: $120 before June 22, $145 after June 22

There is an advance application/audition process for “leads.”  There is no cost to audition.  All students who meet the qualifications will be cast in the ensemble.  Participating students will be encouraged to perform to their highest ability.  We will cast a “shadow cast” of additional students that will assist as needed.  Monday-Thursday will be used to teach music, blocking and staging.  Friday will be a final rehearsal run, with an invited dress rehearsal on Friday night. We encourage parents and/or caregivers to be on site as much as possible for the experience to be positive for all the students.  However, if the student is independent, that is not a requirement.

Participation Requirements/Guidelines:

Ages 10-18

Mild to moderate physical and/or intellectual disability

Independent or toilet controlled (with family/caregiver support)


Reasonably compliant in group participation

Sensory compliant or a strategy for this

Auditions for leads will be May 31, 5pm or June 1, 5pm at Academie Musique.  Students need to sing a 60 second song of their choice.  We will have a piano and blue tooth speaker available for use at auditions. They will also be asked to read for a part if they want to be considered for a lead.  We will have the script to be used for the reading on the website 2 weeks prior to the audition.  It is not necessary to look at it ahead of time unless the student needs help with reading.  Students do not have to read if only being considered for ensemble.

If you have questions, please contact Shelley Dennis at