Sharon Lightfoot

Sharon Lightfoot is one of our piano instructors at Academie Musique. Sharon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Abilene Christian University and has been in the Temple area for 30 years.

Where did you live before Temple/Belton?
Abilene, Kilgore and Miami, Texas.

Musical experience:
Public School music teacher from 1982-2011
Choral Music Director for Miami Methodist Church 1985-1986
Violinist in Abilene Philharmonic and San Angelo Symphony 1979-1986
Pianist for Marlandwood String Ensemble 1988-2012
Keyboards and Fiddle player for various Country bands, Church Praise teams and various theater productions.   1976–2010

Awards received:
Texas Humanities Award

Crafting, Traveling

Projects outside of Academie:
Composing music for piano and arranging various songs I like to play.

Family life:
Married to Tim Lightfoot, guitarist for various country and blues bands
Daughter, Audrey Lorea, Location scout for CBS and director, producer for various music videos and Indie Films

Favorite musical work:  
Samuel Barber.  Adagio for Strings

Pet peeves: 
Students coming to lessons with dirty hands and fingernails

Favorite story from your musical experience:
In 2007 I played fiddle in Temple Civic Theatre’s Production of “Love, Always, Patsy Cline”

Dr. Gosney was able to get famous Texas Fiddler, Johnny Gimble, to perform a pre-show concert.  The band for the show was on stage in the background.    We were all just enjoying Mr Gimble perform when, without any warning or rehearsal,  he asked me to come play twin fiddles with him on San Antonio Rose.   With knees shaking and heart pumping I did my best alongside this great legend.   It was a moment I’ll never forget!!