Heather McFarland

Name:  Heather McFarland                                                                        

Position: Teacher

Education: Broke my hands during final year at Baylor and lost scholarship, but happy I made it that far!

How long have you been in Temple/Belton?  I live in Waco.

Musical experience: Started violin at 3 years. Studied violin and voice at Baylor. We love singing Barbershop any chance we get at family gatherings.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading,  Graphic Design, Binge watching epic Kung Fu movies with Terence!

Projects you work on outside of the Academie: I’m in charge of Media at my Dad’s church.

Pets names: Our cat has several names to go along with his lives…Huggy Bear, Kiki, Maestro Kiki, Sir Fuzz right now.

Favorite quote: To achieve great things two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.

Pet peeves: being disrespectful.

Favorite food: I love bread!                                                        

Favorite color: Green and sometimes Orange.